Renovations and Asbestos


Hello everyone,

As an asbestos removal company, we deal with a lot of clients that have began their home renovations and have unfortunately stumbled on asbestos. It’s obviously not something you generally plan for, and their is no ‘how to’ guide for first-timers either (at least none that I have found!).

So, if you are in the group of people that are thinking of, half-way through or just starting out on your renovations – this is the article for you!

Firstly, lets remind ourselves why we are going through all this stress! Renovations may start out exciting, but I am sure it gets pretty stressful and hairy from that point on unless your one of the lucky few. There are budgets to stick to, ideas being flung around, and then there is the practicality of said ideas and whether or not the rest of the household agrees with them. So, why bother? Well, not only does it potentially add value to your beloved home, but it can change your whole outlook on life. Corny, I know, but think about it. You already love and know your home like the back of your hand, but there are just those little things you have been dreaming about? Say those luxurious tiles you saw in your best friends bathroom last month? Or that wonderful feature wall you saw in your favourite interior design magazine?  So it may be stressful, but we promise you it’s worth it!


Ok, now for the not-so-fun part! You’ve hit the stage in your renovations where you want to start adding new touches such as a new set of down-lights in your living room, or even hanging a new frame in your newly painted hallway? Hold up, have you thought about when your house was built? Chances are, if it was built before 1980 is has asbestos somewhere.

Here is a handy link I dug up for information on where abouts you can find asbestos in your house:

Now what? Well there are a lot of ways people generally approach their asbestos removal process. Some decide it’s way too difficult and stop their renovations all together, whereas others have already begun and don’t really have a choice. Otherwise, people generally just want it out of their homes. This in itself is actually adding value to your home as well. Many people may not buy your home in the future if they know it has asbestos containing materials inside.

For those of you wishing to proceed, it is then time to start the process of having quotations done. This generally requires someone to come out and have a look at your property because when removing the asbestos there are a lot of variables that come into play such as: access, what type of asbestos it is (there are actually 7 different types), how much there is etc.

It’s pretty straight forward for you guys after that! After you have accepted your quote, the only thing left to be done is select a date you want to rid your home of asbestos!

I hope this helps a bit, but if you are unsure still, or are looking for a quote, don’t hesitate to email us here at Asbestos Be Gone at!

Also, we would love to hear how your renovations are coming along, or what type of renovations you have in mind! Feel free to leave tips for anyone else who may be in the process of asbestos removals too, in the comments below.



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