An (Ice-Free) Moment For Mesothelioma


Cookies + Sangria

Today we’re breaking from our regularly scheduled blogging to take a Moment For Mesothelioma.

I promise, you don’t even have to pour ice over yourself.

I mean, unless you want to.


Your city may not have a big Mesothelioma Survivors Walk every year, but that’s not because it’s uncommon. It’s because there aren’t many long-term survivors. But there is Heather Von St. James. Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma and given a 15 month life expectancy – eight years ago. Now, Heather and her family are giving a face and a voice to the nearly 30,000 people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma every year.Cam_Lil_HVSJ(1)

Normally this isn’t the kind of post suggestion we’d jump on, but after I thought about it for a minute (and deduced that the Von St. Jameses are real, human people and not spam robots), I realized that it was a disease I knew almost…

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