Asbestos In America


In Australia, there are strict rules and regulations regarding the removal and disposal of asbestos. Not too mention there is no company that uses asbestos in any of its products because it has been banned.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for America. After a curious discussion in our small office yesterday, we began discussing the different uses some other countries might have for asbestos removal – particularly the use of decontamination units and the like. This had us mentioning America’s continuing use of asbestos. I am aware that American companies continue to use the deadly substance in products ranging from duct tape to  fingerprint powder in ‘CSI Fingerprint Examination Kits’. I am 100% positive that the government is aware of the danger it is putting it’s citizens in by not banning this product in the USA as it was banned once in 1989 by the US EPA – but it was overturned in 1991 by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. This is astounding as there have been countless deaths caused by the inhalation of the fibrous materials!

Therefore, here is my question. Does America have Asbestos Removalists who suit-up and decontaminate like any asbestos removalist in Australia? Or are they completely uncaring when it comes to the safety of those around them?

Mortality rates by County, 1999

Mortality rates by County, 1999