Asbestos In America


In Australia, there are strict rules and regulations regarding the removal and disposal of asbestos. Not too mention there is no company that uses asbestos in any of its products because it has been banned.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for America. After a curious discussion in our small office yesterday, we began discussing the different uses some other countries might have for asbestos removal – particularly the use of decontamination units and the like. This had us mentioning America’s continuing use of asbestos. I am aware that American companies continue to use the deadly substance in products ranging from duct tape to  fingerprint powder in ‘CSI Fingerprint Examination Kits’. I am 100% positive that the government is aware of the danger it is putting it’s citizens in by not banning this product in the USA as it was banned once in 1989 by the US EPA – but it was overturned in 1991 by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. This is astounding as there have been countless deaths caused by the inhalation of the fibrous materials!

Therefore, here is my question. Does America have Asbestos Removalists who suit-up and decontaminate like any asbestos removalist in Australia? Or are they completely uncaring when it comes to the safety of those around them?

Mortality rates by County, 1999

Mortality rates by County, 1999


4 thoughts on “Asbestos In America

  1. It’s surprising that the bill to ban asbestos was overturned in 1991 by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. It seems like everyone knows that it’s best for everyone’s safety to create rules and regulations about safely removing and disposing of asbestos, as well as ensuring that it’s never used in building materials. I hope that the government will finally do something to officially ban asbestos from being used in building materials and to regulate how it’s disposed of more carefully.

  2. Asbestos can definitely be really dangerous. That is why it is so important that we take care of them properly. It is really interesting that different countries have different policies about asbestos removal. It would be really interesting to learn more about these policies and why they are effective.

    • Asbestos is so heavily regulated in Australia due to one man in particular. His name was Bernie Banton and he made a lot of noise in this country over the effects of ACM (asbestos containing material) while he was dying of an asbestos related disease. He died and the whole country knew that asbestos was a killer. New Zealand has adopted our laws/regulations/guide lines when it comes to dealing with ACM as we are one of the leading countries when it comes to dealing with asbestos.
      I find it extraordinary that America refuses to ban it due to some influential people who make money from it still…..

  3. It surprises me that the rules on asbestos removal and disposal aren’t quite as strict in America as they are in Australia. It really is a dangerous material! I definitely know that there are companies who can remove it, though. I wonder if they’re just easier to find in Australia. Whatever the case, thanks for sharing this info! Interesting, for sure.

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